Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Does my belly button smell because of a Yeast infection?

While the cause of the stinky belly button will depend on a case by case basis, if you have serious concerns about the smell you should seek help from a medical doctor. In some instances it is believed that a yeast infection can be the cause of the cheesey odor of the belly button.


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  2. I just got over a yeast infection of 4 days. Two days after healing, my boyfriend and I were messing around. My boyfriend has a "belly button fetish" where he likes to stick his finger inside the belly button and wiggle it around while having intercourse. He had pulled his finger out and proceeded to tell me that it smelled like cheese. It seems as if it has never smelled this strong as of the last few days. I strongly believe this may be a result to the recent yeast infection.