Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why does my belly button smell like Cheese?

This post will dissect specifically the smell of cheese from the belly button. Cheese is the most common complain among smelly buttons, and there are several reasons why. The belly button is a place that captures the secretion of sweat, soap, and dirt, as well as fibers from the clothes you wear. The belly button is also often a place overlooked during the normal cleaning that occurs while taking a bath or showering, and so build up can occur. What is also interesting about the cheese phenomenon is that many people find a liquid build up, which sometimes becomes crusted around the outside of the belly button. Sometimes this liquid leaks onto their shirt. They sometimes will try to absorb this liquid to stop the spread of the cheese smell.

While many are quick to point fingers, and simply say those with belly buttons that smell like cheese need to bathe with soap, (and this is often true) it can be suprising to find that some of the cleanliest people may have this problem as well. The soap residue, when left in the belly button over time becomes a strong factor in this cheese smell.

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